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Do you still have to think twice about the quality before filling color in metal name plates, labels and badges? Here is the automatic color filling machine that settles color in a matter on few seconds with no extra cleaning required as it fixes color only in the etched area. It needs single phase power supply so can be installed in shops. The inbuilt four washing tanks and an E-cleaning mechanism cleans the metal plate. We use high shine quality glossy colors with the outdoor life of more than Five years. Shell of the machine is made of german made PP material.

We also customize color plus according to your requirement.

The standard sizes are mentioned below:-

This machine is a automatic color filling machine specially designed for etched name plate Etching a metal is always a quick process but filling color inside the etched area and cleaning the plate is always a hectic and time consuming process as manual cleaning always leave behind scratches

This machine has been developed keeping all these key factors This machine is called plus as it's a multi function machine which not only fill the color but also to electronic cleaning Just Dip the plate inside the E cleaning tank, in 10 seconds this will remove all the dust or grease from plate and thereafter put the plate in color filling tank as per your desired color color will get filled in etched area in 60 seconds only, Since the color will get deposited only in etched area, so there is no chance of plate getting scratched The whole process is a non contact process which makes it neat

Since most signage manufacture faces the problem of color getting faded in outdoors this special color is a high gloss in nature and will not be faded for atleast 7-10 years

- Automatic color filling in etching area only in 60 seconds

- Includes E cleaning machine for cleaning of metal plate

- No cleaning is required as color settle only in etched area

- Color has a outdoor life of more than 5 years

- Single Phase power supply makes it easy to install in shops

- Includes 4 washing tanks

- Available in Standard size of 12/ 18/24

- Custom size manufacturing also available as per requirement

- Made of PP material- Made in Germany

- Color used in this machine is high shine gloss in nature


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