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Now as a smart buyer, there must be many things you would want to know about this machine read on the following and hopefully all your queries would be addressed in all fairness.

Que: Does this machinery have a provision for scrap recovery?
Ans: Yes, this machinery unlike the manual process, does not waste away all the metal, You can actually recover a handsome amount of scrap that can be sold off or put to better use.

Que: Does your etching process require sunlight for exposure?
Ans: This technology has dual exposure unit which expose your design directly on metal plate without sunlight so now push aside the worries of cloudy days or rains or darkness, the sun has competition!

Que: How much time does your machine takes to cut 24 swg brass sheet?
Ans: Since this machine has a conveyor belt system, so an approx. 6 sheets (18 x 12 inches) can be cut within 40-45 minutes! whereas In the traditional process, cutting an 24 swg brass sheet takes up to 2-3 hours.

Que: Does it pass the finger test?
Ans: Again yes. it passes the finger test, the finishing is so smooth that it will surprise your buyer,no more Sharp edges, or cut fingers.In manual etching sharp edges appear because they etch the sheet from one side whereas in dualjet etching , cutting is done from both the sides, thus its faster and without edges.

Que: Can this machine cut stainless steel?
Ans: Yes this machine can cut STAINLESS STEEL neatly up to 24 swg

Que: If we have to cut one sample how much would that cost?
Ans: This technology require just film (pos./neg.) that would not cost you more than 50 paise(India)/1 cent(USA)/0.1 jio(china) per sq inch or may be a simple print on butter paper can work, so no more wastage of time and money on die.


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