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This compact portable machine works on iodine diodes and consumes merely 12 V of power. It's equipped with high power vaccum for 'zero error' precision . Unlike manual process of sun exposure this unit is efficient in exposing very thin lines, small letters or cursive fonts on one side of metal plate at a time. There is a provision of converting the same machine into double side exposure also depending on the requirement of the customer. It can be placed on a desktop and has a touch button membrane control panel for a convinient use. The inbuilt timer has the memory to register your last set time. There is a safety interlock switch to avoid direct light exposure. All spare parts are made in India and easily available in markets.

P.S - Custom size manufacturing also available as per requirement.

mention the detail sizes of exposure as per brochure
This is worlds first Diode Exposure with capability of exposing thin line, small letters and cursive font, This machine accuracy can be compared to any high end exposure model as this has all the modern features which are normally not found in high end commercial exposures and its compact size makes it easy to install in shops here is the quick comparison of technology developed in India and China

1) Smallest Chinese exposure require 1-2 KW of power whereas here the biggest size of exposure require 12 Volt only
2) Chinese Exposures are very big in size and bulky, Indian exposure are desktop size can be placed on table as they are light weight
3) Our exposure is equipped with programmed membrane panel which has a memory to remember your last exposure time, whereas Chinese exposure have manual timers
4) Our exposure is modular in design which means it can be converted into double side exposure in future whereas in Chinese exposure you have to buy single or double side exposure separately

all machines are equipped with Vacuum

- Patented technology of iodine diodes works on 12 V only

- Compact size, can be used anywhere

- Touch button control panel for easy operation

- Easily expose thin lines, small letters or cursive fonts

- Equipped with high power Vacuum for accurate exposure

- Same machine can be Converted to Double side exposure

- Available in Standard size of 12/ 18/24

- All Spare Parts Made In India

- Safety interlock switch to avoid direct light exposure

- Custom size manufacturing also available as per requirement


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